Monday, May 7, 2007

What will happen at the Testimony conference?

The days at the college of preachers have a certain rhythm to them. We'll be following their existing structure, which is basically this:

Monday--things start in the late afternoon with introductions, followed by a reception (drinks and nibbles), dinner (the food is very good), and then the first lecture. After the first lecture, we have evening prayer in the chapel and then are free (usually between 9 and 10)

Tuesday begins with breakfast and then morning prayer. There are two short lectures in the morning with a break in between, then lunch. After lunch we break into small groups, each led by an experienced preacher and give our sermons for feed back (Tuesday, we preach old sermons, and for Thursday we write a new one.) After sermon period, there is reception and dinner. There is an evening program--in our case it will be focus groups on the status of young clergywomen, and then evening prayer and freedom.

Wednesday begins very early. There is an (optional) 7:30 a.m. Eucharist at the Cathedral itself. Our faculty member will be preaching for it, so many people try to go. This is followed by breakfast (we don't usually have morning prayer after that), and another period of 2 short lectures with a break between. Then Wednesday after lecture you are free until Thursday morning. Lunch is served, but not dinner. You may meet up with friends, tour the DC sights, shop, nap, or work on your sermon for Thursday.

Thursday follows the exact same structure as Tuesday. We are in the same small groups.

Friday begins with packing up. Breakfast is followed by a final lecture, a period of evaluation and a eucharist service for just the conference participants. There is lunch provided, and then people drift off toward home.

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Liz said...

Just a question- does the conference begin on Monday the 4th or Wednesday the 6th?